Pal Mann, P.Eng., MDS, CD

Director of Professional Practice, APEGA

    After a 33-year career in the Armed Forces as a Canadian Military Engineer, Pal joined APEGA as the Director of Corporate Services. In 2017, after almost two years of supporting APEGA’s IT, HR, and Finance functions, Pal moved into the position of Director of Professional Practice.

    The Professional Practice Department is accountable to APEGA’s Practice Review Board, and the portfolio is responsible for three pillars: the development and maintenance of Professional Practice Standards and Guidelines, the administration of the Continuing Professional Development Program, and the conduct of Professional Practice Reviews.

    Professional Practice aims to become the centre of excellence for advising all stakeholders on the obligations and expectations related to professional conduct within the professions of engineering and geoscience in Alberta.  APEGA’s Professional Practice team continues to grow in size , as does its capability to assist licensed professionals, permit holders, and the public.

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